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Northwest Therapeutic Touch Institute

Neila Campbell, visionary and co-founder of this Institute, was a Death Educator and Grief Counselor as well as a teacher and mentor of Therapeutic Touch®(TT). From the early 70's she worked with people who had chronic or terminal illnesses, or who were coping with grief issues. After learning TT in the early 80's, Neila continued to weave TT into her work as a counselor. TT Practicum groups facilitated by Neila began in the early 80s as well. In 1989, Neila and Cordy Anderson worked together to develop the first workshops for Beginner Level Therapeutic Touch. Workshops were originally led by Katharine Matas RN, PhD, and Neila. Later, Neila and Cordy taught the classes with Bev Forster joining the teaching team in 1996, and Lin Bauer in 2002.

The decision to create a non-profit institute had long been a dream of Neila's, and was finally realized in 1998 with the help of generous donations from two supporters of Therapeutic Touch. The Institute sponsors workshops annually, as well as several One Day Intensives. Members of NWTTI receive discounts on workshops and fall, winter and spring newsletters. NWTTI also offers scholarships for TT related events.

Our mission is to continue to enhance and support the practice and study of Therapeutic Touch, and to work towards providing Therapeutic Touch to those who request it. People wanting to experience Therapeutic Touch may call 541-870-5627 and leave your name and number and a convenient time to return a call.

Therapeutic Touch

Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN (then Professor of Nursing at New York University) and Dora Kunz (a natural healer) introduced Therapeutic Touch into the health sciences in 1972. It is currently being used in hundreds of hospitals, health centers and private practices as an adjunct to conventional treatment methods. Implicit in its practices is the idea that within all living things there is a drive toward growth, order, and wholeness.