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Cordy Anderson, Retired RN, BSN, QTTT: I am now "retreaded", a term I learned from Dr. Dolores Krieger. Graduating as a nurse in 1969, I have now been a nurse for over fifty years. Health care settings included public health, pediatrics, home health, and hospice. Therapeutic Touch was easily integrated into my nursing practice starting in 1984. Teaching TT has become a passion since 1990, second only to spending time with my grand children. I am willing to travel to teach Therapeutic Touch and in addition to teaching in Oregon and Washington, have taught in Minnesota, New Mexico and in Tennessee in 2020.


Bev Forster, Retired RN, QTTT, I have been a nurse since 1965, a hospice nurse for 30+ of those years. I incorporated Therapeutic Touch into my nursing practice in 1985 and have used it primarily with hospice patients for comfort, pain relief and symptom management. Most importantly, to facilitate one's connection to their very own inner self and wholeness. Now that I am retired, I continue to provide TT as a hospice volunteer and to family and friends, what a gift...to myself and others. I continue to learn and grow through the practice of TT as I deepen my connection to my inner self and the Oneness we all are.

Lin Bauer

Lin Bauer, MS, CCMHP, QTTT, I have been a Therapeutic Touch practitioner since 1992 and teacher since 2002, teaching all three levels of TT. A retired Special Education teacher after 32+ years, I am also a Sound Therapist, practicing since 2001. I have been on the board for Camp Indralaya, and am currently on the boards for TTIA, TT Dialogues, Inc, and the Northwest Therapeutic Touch Institute. In addition to working with people with special needs, my TT practice includes working with people with cancer, and those who are on hospice. I have presented Therapeutic Touch workshops internationally, particularly in working with people dealing with cancer and in the use of combining sound and music with TT.