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Classes and Workshops

All classes and workshops taught by NWTTI are in
compliance with curriculum standards established by
  Therapeutic Touch International Associates (TTIA).

  Foundations of Therapeutic Touch (Basic Level)

Participants will be able to

Foundations of Therapeutic Touch / Basic Level programs are available as weekend programs and as an eight week series. The weekend programs are Friday evenings (7 to 9pm), and Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 4pm. The series classes are 2 hours per week, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Therapeutic Touch One Day Intensives
Usually a 10am - 3pm day in which one has the opportunity to practice Therapeutic Touch as well as deepen his or her experience by energetic exercises, various meditation methods, and discussions that lead to a clearer understanding of what it means to be a TT Therapist.

See Calendar for updates.

Therapeutic Touch as Transpersonal Healing / Intermediate Level

Workshops are open to those who have been practicing TT for one year or longer. The workshops are designed to further explore the "laboratory of the self". The instructors use a variety of techniques that include; discussion and meditation, other modalities, and years of personal experience in Therapeutic Touch to assist participants in their journey to heal and to become better TT Therapists.

Practicum Groups are bi-monthly groups that are available currently in Eugene and Salem for those who have attended a Basic Level TT class. These give the TT Therapist an opportunity to give and receive Therapeutic Touch in a setting with more experienced therapists. One can ask questions or receive guidance as well as feel supported as new sensations and insights arise. Call (541)342-5807 for places and dates. We are hoping to establish practicum groups in Portland and Bend this year.

TT Intensives: Occasional Intensives are offered. These have a focus of either someone in our TT circle leading discussion on an aspect of Therapeutic Touch or listening to or watching talks given by either Dr. Dolores Krieger or Dora Kunz - the founders of Therapeutic Touch. A discussion follows on the specific information shared. This process helps in understanding the process at a deeper level.

See Calendar for updates.